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mbinkley at earthling_net (Mark Binkley): Re: NANFA-- Fish Room Humidity

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I have had problems with certain foods giving off odors, particularly
freeze dried foods.  Often freeze dried plankton has a VERY strong
smell when first opened.  This odor will be detectable even when the
container is tightly sealed.  I have taken to putting the plankton out in
open trays to off gas for a few hours (outdoors or in a well ventilated
area!).  This seems to eliminate a lot of the odor as the ammonia
evaporates away.  I have wondered how much ammonia is released into the
tank during feeding of this food, but many wild fish will take plankton
more readily than other dry foods.  Doromin also has a distictive odor on
opening the can.  I smells like the seashore.  Maybe you can observe
whether your wife notices the odors during feeding time in particular.
would it be possible to ventilate the fish room directly to the outside?

>Hi All,
>My fish room is in the back bedroom of my house, previously occupied by
>daughter who is now married and moved away. The fishroom is cooled and
>de-humidified by the central-air conditioning system, but when we switch
>to either outside air or central heating, I'm having a problem with the
>being moist and/or fishy smelling ! Certainly I don't mind, but my wife
>doesn't like any fishy smells in her house! I don't know why, but wives
>just nose-sensitive, I guess.
>Any suggestions?
>BG Granier

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