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"Dwight D. Moody" <dwight.moody at mailexcite_com>: Personal update, NE/NY Region News

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Subject: Personal update, NE/NY Region News
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 14:42:16 -0700
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Jay: please update the info concerning my home phone number on the
Regional Representative
listings.  Due to a move (yuck) my telephone number has changed to
 All other information remains unchanged.

Also, I have acquired a document entitled "Information Directory & List
of Publications
from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (available by
mail from
DEP Publications, 79 Elm Street, Hartford CT 06106-5127).  At least three
items are
of interest to NANFA members.  First, page 28 of the catalog lists a new
of "Freshwater Fishes of Connecticut (2nd Edition)", which has 189
figures and 240
pp.  It is available for $13.95. Second, on page 29 of the catalog is
"Tidal Marshes
of Long Island Sound" which has 72 pages and is available for $5.00.
Orders are subject
to a 6% sales tax and flat $3.75 shipping and handling fee.


On November 13, 1997, the Tropical Fish Club of Burlington will present a
on NATIVE FISH.  The program will be held at 7:00 pm at the Lake
Champlain Science
Center, located at the bottom of College Street in Burlington, VT.  The
speaker will be Ellen Marsden, an Associate Professor at the University
of Vermont
involved with fisheries research. Part of the overall program will be a
Bowl Show,
featuring native fish species, in addition to the slides of native
species which
Ellen Marsden will show in her presentation.  NE/NY NANFA members are
encouraged to attend.  Please call Dwight D. Moody, NE/NY Regional
and Secretary of the Tropical Fish Club of Burlington at (802) 476-0685
(home) or
(802) 241-3482 (work) for additional information.

Dwight D. Moody
P.O. Box 214
East Montpelier VT  05651-0214
802-229-2827 (home), 802-241-3482 (work)
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