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Chris Scharpf <cdscharpf at wbdoner_com>: NANFA-- Pirate Perch

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In a response to a query from Dave Littlehale, Dwight Moody wrote:

>Concerning the pirate perch, I would suspect that they would spawn
> to yellow perch, i.e., in the spring over vegetation, as egg

Dwight is incorrect. Despite their common name, pirate perch are in
no way related to yellow perch. So no inferences should be drawn from
the former's spawning behavior.

Actually, the spawning behavior of the pirate perch is still
something of a mystery. Most reports state they are nesters, digging
a circular depression in the sand, and/or practice some form of
parental care, guarding their mass of eggs as do sunfishes. Spawning
is preceded by rapid swimming and splashing at the surface, much at
odds with the fish's otherwise lethargic behavior. Incubation of eggs
in the branchial cavity has been theorized but never proven.

I would suspect that Ray Kutala, who is current offering captive bred
specimens of pirate perch, hasthe complete skinny. He can be reached
via Missifishppi Aquatics, W. 1545 Spring Coulee Rd, Genoa, WI
54632.  The telephone number is 608-689-2726.  

Christopher Scharpf
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