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"Dwight D. Moody" <dwight.moody at mailexcite_com>: Re: Dave Littlehale <littled at cris_com>: NANFA-- Three items - ironcolor shiner, plants, pirate perch

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Subject: Re: Dave Littlehale <littled at cris_com>: NANFA-- Three items -
ironcolor shiner, plants, pirate perch
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 08:56:22 -0700
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Dave: Question #1:I don't have the ironcolor shiner, but would certainly
like them
at some point.
Question #2: I have collected native anacharis, vallisineria, hornwort,
and other plants, including willow moss (Fontinalis). Worked out great
and came with
a free supply of pond snails!
Question #3: Concerning the pirate perch, I would suspect that they would
spawn similarly
to yellow perch, i.e., in the spring over vegetation, as egg scatterers. 
I would
match the lighting time to the seasonal photoperiod, use cold treatment
during the
winter, then feed like crazy in the spring as the water is allowed to
slowly warm
up. Use a large tank with lots of vegetation and watch the fish.  Females
swell with eggs then get thinner after spawning.  If you get them to
spawn, I would
remove the adults to another tank.  Good Luck!
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Subject: Dave Littlehale <littled at cris_com>: NANFA-- Three items - 
	ironcolor shiner, plants, pirate perch
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From: Dave Littlehale <littled at cris_com>
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Subject: NANFA-- Three items - ironcolor shiner, plants, pirate perch
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 22:50:35 -0400
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First, does anyone have any experience with the ironcolor shiner,
Notropis chalybaeus?  I am looking for general care and has anyone
attempted to spawn these?  I checked the NANFA web site and so far no
one has successfully spawned them.  Anyone willing to share their
knowledge.  I'd appreciate it.

Second, anyone keeping native freshwater plants from their fish
collecting adventures?  I would like to share info on what species, etc.

Third, a couple of months ago I asked about care for the pirate perch,
Aphredoderus sayanus.  I got pretty much the same consensus, live fish
and lots of it.  Well, the summer proved to be pretty successful in
keeping the perch.  I have gotten them eating frozen krill and even a
gel food on a regular basis.  Not real aggressive eaters, but the food
is getting eaten.  I started them with the live fish to get them eating
in the tank.  I pulled back on the live food and started adding a few of
the krill.  I would drop the food so it would land close to or on top of
the perch.  They would grab it as it floats by its mouth.  Rarely do
they ever pursue the food; it almost always has to land in the fishes
mouth to get it to eat. :) But, they are eating.


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