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"Dwight D. Moody" <dwight.moody at mailexcite_com>: Re: archimedes at localink4_com: NANFA-- Collecting laws

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Subject: Re: archimedes at localink4_com: NANFA-- Collecting laws
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 08:33:16 -0700
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Vermont: persons with a fishing license are allowed to use minnow traps
with openings
one inch or less, along with minnow seines up to 75 feet long.  Game fish
smelt) are only legal to capture with a hook and line, HOWEVER, there is
no requirement
to kill your catch, according to Major Roger Whitcomb of the Enforcement
of the Fish and Wildlife Department.  IN ADDITION, one can obtain a
special, no cost
permit which basically allows you capture any kind of fish with just
about any means,
including electrofishing, if you can adequately document what you plan to
do, why
you want to do it and how you are planning to do it, which needs to be
for educational
or scientific purposes (i.e., for obtaining fish for studies on breeding
as part of a captive breeding program, etc).  Propagation activities for
native species
intended for stocking are required to obtain a fish propagation permit
and undergo
an annual fish health inspection, which is waived for closed systems,
such as aquariums
or farm ponds without inlets/outlets.  In general, you have wide latitude
if you
know the regulations and channels to obtain necessary permits.
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