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Re: NANFA-BOD-- NANFA news.........

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997 18:35:19 +0000 robertrice at juno_com (robert a rice)
>@ items of interest to all......................In the September FAMA 
>NANFA gets full 1/4 page ad . This is a stand alone complimentory ad 
>(actually it is our current application..................
>In the September AFM NANFA member and all around what not Bob Bock 
>gets a very nice article with an excellent side bar encouraging 
>readers to get involved in the enviromental fray and Join NANFA...
Great news!!!
>People should take the time and thank both editors for their invaluble 
>support and plugs of NANFA............
I just did write them to applaud their tremendous effort on getting out
such a fine publication and also thanks to Bob Veasey, who assisted Chris
and Bob!!

>Sadly neither magazine noted our specatacular free Tommelerri print 
>deal.........So to allow for major publications to pick up on this 
>great free offer the offer has been extended to the end of October 
>please take a moment and pass on the news to anyone you think would 
Perhaps, if Bob or Chris could have a little input into the wording of
the "free Tomelleri print offer" then the fish mags may pick it up! While
I understand your typing, perhaps it needs a little work by the "Pro's" !
(And, that goes for my typing, also !) :  -  )

Regards,        BG

>/ This is the Board of Directors list of the North American Native 
>Fishes Association / nanfa-bod at aquaria_net. To subscribe, unsubscribe, 
>or get help, send the word / subscribe, unsubscribe, or help in the 
>body (not subject) of an email to / nanfa-bod-request at aquaria_net. / 
>For more information about NANFA, visit our web page, 

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