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"Darren Gill" <DSGILL at classic_msn.com>: RE: Pygmy Sunfish

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From: "Darren Gill" <DSGILL at classic_msn.com>
To: "robert a rice" <robertrice at juno_com>
Subject: RE: Pygmy Sunfish
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 97 19:05:57 UT
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Thanks for your reply.  What a deal to join NANFA!

I'm ready for the fish now and more than happy to compensate for your
time and 
trouble in addition to shipping, but I am not sure what is fair.  I'd
like to 
get 5 young pair each of E. evergladei and E. okeefenokee.  I can send
you a 
check in advance if necessary.  Now is a good time to ship as the weather
is a 
little cooler in Indiana but not too cool yet. 
Hope you don't mind, but I have some questions for you as well:

What is the average life expectancy of Elassoma?

I've seen some males in photos that are velvet black with irridescent 
blue/green glitter.  Is this breeding coloration only are do healthy
exhibit that coloring year round?  Can you find blacker fish with more of
blue/green markings?

I have not seen E. okeefenokee.  How does it compare to E. evergladei?
offense, but I am not that impressed with E. zonatum as its coloring
seems to 
be less than spectacular compared to E. elassoma).

My tank conditions are typically pH 6.8, GH 6 and kH 3 and temp 76
>From what I have read this should be ideal for Elassoma. Have you had
other experiences?

Sorry for so many questions but I'm fascinated by these little fish!

dsgill at msn_com

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From:	robert a rice 
Sent:	Sunday, August 24, 1997 8:39 AM
To:	DSGILL at classic_msn.com
Subject:	Re: Pygmy Sunfish

On Sun, 24 Aug 97 02:50:22 UT "Darren Gill" <DSGILL at classic_msn.com>
>I would seriously like to keep and breed pygmy sunfish.  I'm looking 
>Elassoma evergladei, and any of the other more unusual variations 
>okefenokee?).  Do you have any available?'

are easy to colony breed......I don't sell them much this time of year .
If you are in need of a small amount we could work something out
though....how many when etc....BTW I sent you a trading post ad and NANFA
app it is the best place to hook up with native fish folks and Indian has
a very active NANFA regional chapter


Robert Rice

  Please let me know details 
>as to 
>availability, price, etc.  I have room in five 5 gallon tanks as well 
>as two 
>2.5 gallon tanks that I assume would make ideal homes.
>Darren Gill
>Indianapolis, IN
>dsgill at msn_com

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