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Re: Place to purchase game fish for aquarium?

> I would like to know if a catalog or company exists where I can order a
> young largemouth, pike, small mouth, yellow perch?  I have searched
> scientific mail order catalogs and have found a place that sells 
> largemouth, catfish, and sunfish.  I am looking for more variety and
> options.  Any help or suggestions would be great.  Thanks

Check with the folks at www.nanfa.org as they regulatrly trade native
fish.  Specifically, Robert Rice puts together the NANFA trading post
which are ads from members looking for trades.  I don't know if any of
them just sell fish, but I am sure you could work something out with 
someone. Not sure if people will have perch and pikes, but if they don't 
they can surely point you to where you can get them.

The Trading post just arrived in my email before this one and I had 
already deleted it before reading this or else I would have forwarded it 
to you.  I think the web site might have a copy though.

Patrick Timlin         http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/4742/
ptimlin at geocities_com

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