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"Jay DeLong" <jdelong at nwifc_wa.gov>: NANFA-- National Meeting summary

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Subject: NANFA-- National Meeting summary 
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 21:43:33 +0000
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On Saturday August 9 at 10 AM Meeting Coordinator Norm Edelen welcomed
the attendees to the 1997 NANFA National Meeting.  Present were: NANFA
members Jennifer Bayer, John Bondhus, Louise Christensen-Zak, Jay
DeLong, Norm Edelen, Lisa Hayashi, Dan Logan, Amy Luedtke, Layn 
Luedtke, Rachel Lusby, Joe Middleton, Shawn Van Doren and Don Winn 
(Shawn and Don became our newest members at the meeting.);  Greater 
Portland Aquarium Society members Joan Glascock, Alan Gray, Roland 
Holtz, Steve Lundblad, Chris Tewes, Jim Van Doren and Wayne 
Yamashita; Greater Seattle Aquarium Society members Dave Sanford and 
James Maney; and Amy Rush and Julie Z from Phoenix, AZ.

Dan Logan then presented John Bondhus and Konrad Schmidt with framed
certificates of appreciation signed by the Pacific Northwest NANFA
members.  This was to honor them for being deservedly named NANFA
Fellows this year.  He also presented them with cedar pencil boxes
made by members of the Upper Skagit Indian Tribe of Sedro Woolley, WA.
 John said he would hand-deliver Konrad's gifts.

Dan then introduced the speakers, whose talks and slide presentations 
lasted until mid-afternoon.  They were: John Bondhus- History of 
NANFA; Jay DeLong-Observations of South Carolina Stream Fishes; Dan 
Logan- Fishes and Fishing in Aboriginal Klamath Basin; Lisa Hayashi- 
Indigenous Freshwater Fishes of Hawaii; Joe Middleton- Aquarium 
Rearing of Marine Invertebrates of Oregon's Rocky Intertidal Zone; 
Louise Christensen-Zak- Strategies for Maintaining Biodiversity and 
Our Quality of Life; Jennifer Bayer- Columbia River Minnows; Amy 
Luedtke- The Dos and Don'ts of Releasing Fish.

We then drew the winning fish art raffle winners and they were:
1st prize-Bob Moody, Lanesboro, MN
2nd prize-Dennis Brown, Mendota Heights, MN 
3rd prize- Eric Issacson, El Cajon, CA
4th prize-Leonard Juska, Costa Mesa, CA

We then embarked on a naturalist-led tour through the Oak Bottoms, a
Portland nature preserve.  

During the day we enjoyed looking at several aquaria containing native
and introduced minnows, sticklebacks, sculpins, catfish, sunfish,
mosquitofish and killifish, all caught in Oregon lakes and streams. 
Also on display was a beautifully planted aquarium brought by Shawn
Van Doren and highlighted by colorful Mexican goodeids.

We also enjoyed browsing a table covered with donated aquarium and
fish-related items, in preparation for their auction.  NANFA members
each chose one item free before the auction (Surprisingly, not a
single member objected to this).  Steve Lundblad played the part of
auctioneer and everyone had a good time bidding on their favorite
items.  Money raised through the auction will be used to fund our
regional newsletter. 

Day one ended with a delicious dinner prepared by Dan's wife Christine
and her culinary assistants, Dan's parents.  The highlight of the meal
was fresh tuna, caught only two days earlier. 

Day two was a field day, and we spent a long day at two sites on the
Columbia River.  

At Sauvie Island, we sampled two lakes and collected bluegill, white
crappie, black crappie, pumpkinseed sunfish, largemouth bass,
mosquitofish, brown bullhead, prickly sculpin (the only native species
we found), yellow perch, European carp (normal and leather carp) and

We then went to the Sandy River and collected chiselmouth, mountain
whitefish, rainbow trout, chinook salmon, reticulate sculpin, prickly
sculpin, threespine stickleback, speckled dace, mountain sucker,
largescale sucker and Northern squawfish.  These are all native
species.  The sweltering heat enticed nearly all of us to enjoy a swim
in the river.

The meeting was a success and great fun for all.  Especially rewarding
was getting to meet John Bondhus.  After the meeting John proceeded
south to California with his wife and young children.  We wish the
host region for the 1998 meeting success, too!

Jay DeLong

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