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Re: bgcajun at juno_com (B. G. Granier, Jr.): NANFA-- Re: Native Killifish

Hi Robert, 

Did you know that I see all of your postings 2 or 3 times, via the NANFA
list, the BOD list, and finally NANF.  Maybe I need to get off the NANF
list, or the NANFA list, so I only see them twice.


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On Wed, 13 Aug 1997 23:08:35 -0500 Butch Carman <bcarman at cococo_net>
>I live in Tennessee and would like to collect some of the local native
>killies.  What should I expect to see and what types of streams will I
>find them in?
>Thanks in advance,
Hi Butch,

Tennessee has the following Fundulus species:
julisia (Threatened)

Most, with the exception of catenatus, are found in backwater areas of
streams, lakes and ponds. Fundulus catenatus prefers creeks and streams
with gravel and sand, and there are usually F. notatus and F. olivaceus
present, at least here in Louisiana.

See www.nanfa.org for Endangered, Threatened and Special Status Fishes of
North America. I would advise that you not take F. julisia because it is
listed as threatened. I would also check with your state's Wildlife and
Game people to get current status on the other species as to being
legally collectable.

Good luck, and let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

BG Granier
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