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RE: NANFA-BOD-- 2 THINGS...............

Actually, Elmer hasn't been formally nominated to the BOD, and you don't
need a formal BOD nomination to run for the BOD, but I'm going to
nominate Elmer anyway (it couldn't hurt).

I've dealt with Elmer several times over the years and found that he's
always courteous and helpful, has done wonders with his region by
planning numerous trips and meetings, and was a forthright and gracious
news source.  My only regret is that the American Currents schedules
have never really coincided well with his planned activities, and that
we've always gone to press too late to give advance notice of all the
events he's scheduled.

Can somebody second this?

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	3 If you count me turning my caps lock off.......:)

	Elmer Guerrii has thrown his Lure encrusted hat into the NANFA
	ring and is seeking a position on the BOD................If any
	out there are interested please get position statements 400
words or less
	to the AC editor for publication ..........................

	Elmer Guerii is also petitioning for St. Loius Mo. as the
Location for
	NANFA 98 .....It's central location between the very active
	Indiana Kansas Missouri and Ohio chapters makes it a desirable
	There collecting oppourtunities galore and Garold Sneegas and
Elmer could
	I am sure get a nice program togther if they take up the
gauntlet and
	proposition the BOD on this activity.....................:)

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