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bgcajun at juno_com (B. G. Granier, Jr.): NANFA-BOD-- bgcajun: Re: NANFA '98

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Subject: NANFA-BOD-- bgcajun: Re: NANFA '98
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 14:03:25 -0500
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Dear members,

We welcome Elmer Guerri's addition to the NANFA 1998 Board of Director's
election slate and also the offer to host the next year's annual
convention for the North American Native Fishes Association!

Let me remind you that Rodney Harper has also sent in his candidate's
statement for the upcoming B.O.D. election and also mentioned that his
area would be glad to host the up-coming 1998 NANFA convention !

Great news, now that things are moving and shaking to the benefit our 
very own native species! I have never seen such an eager, can-do,
volunteer effort on behalf of NANFA before! There is a need and
native-species enthusiasts are pitching in from all corners of  continent
to help! Keep up the good work NANFA members!

I suggest that we take applications for the NANFA '98 convention,
describing the local regional's plans, agenda and attractions until
October 31, 1997, at which time the BOD shall vote upon the proposals of
each Regional proposing to host the 1998 meeting.

We also encourage the nominations and/or volunteering of each and every
member to run for the B.O.D.! I believe that Chris Scharpf has also been
nominated as a potential B.O.D. member, and he has been instrumental in
resurrecting the " American Currents" along with Bob Bock! (Team Bock!)

Our congratulations and sincere thanks to the PAC/NW Regional members for
hosting and doing such a great job on NANFA '97! Can we have a large
round of applause here for them!


BG Granier
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