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bgcajun at juno_com (B. G. Granier, Jr.): NANFA-- Fundulus for research

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From: bgcajun at juno_com (B. G. Granier, Jr.)
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Subject: NANFA-- Fundulus for research
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 11:14:25 -0500
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Hi Patti,

I have F. grandis, F. confluentus, F. olivaceus, F. euryzonus that are
not necessarily available in pairs, at this time. As far as I know, since
this is research not involving reproductive studies, that you could
accomplish your gas-exchange studies without needing both sexes, please
correct me if I'm wrong. 

I have also contacted Ray Wollf, NANFA member, who has specimens of F.
and he indicated that he would be willing to help with your project,

With the current UPS strike currently going on, I am delaying any and all
shipments via the US Mail, because I don't place a lot of trust in their
capability of timely delivery of live fish at this time of increased

Perhaps some of the other NANFA members can assist in your acquiring the
other Fundulus species needed, excluding F. chrysotus, heteroclitus and
diaphanus) for your research, so I am cc'ing this to the NANFA list, as



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