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prollo at juno_com (Peter R Rollo): L. omata

Another documented breeding of an unusuall species nice work
Peter.................This info will be put into an article nd added to
NANFA's database and be avaliable to anyone who wants it...

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From: prollo at juno_com (Peter R Rollo)
To: robertrice at juno_com
Subject: L. omata
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 11:46:59 EDT
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Wanted to give you an update on some of the native killies I received
from you.  L. omata is finally breeding in typical killie fashion.   It
took me a while to get them started.  They finally started egg production
a week or so ago.  I keep them in a small jar with a mop and pick an
average of 3 -5  eggs each day ( am experiencing a 90-95% hatch rate).  I
have about 30 juveniles so far.  Have not determined if the Bluefin
killies are breeding.  They are outside and I have not checked them in a
while. F. chrysotus has also been spawning.  I have been getting about a
dozen eggs a week from them ( am getting a 99% hatch rate).  Since L.
omata is easy to breed and they are desirable fish, I could use some more
to expand my breeding efforts.  Let me know if or when you have any to

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