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RE: NANFA Convention

Hi Jeremy,

From the Spring '97 "American Currents:"

NANFA 1997 Annual Convention
August 8 - 10 1997 Portland Oregon

Fri (8/8) Evening Social hosted by Club Snail (that cichlid dude in the
  Pacific Northwest)

Sat (8-9) Presentation by NANFA members and invited guests at Immanuel
  Lutheran church; field trip to Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge; catered
at local park; raffle of fish art.

Sun (8-10): Field trip to Sauvie Island Wildlife Area and the Sandy

Fees: $10 for presentations and conservation program
    $30 for above plus social, dinner, field trips

contact Norm Edelen 503-255-2598

Bill Edwards
Survey Research Laboratory
Arizona State University

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> I Just read that the NANFA Convention is being held in Oregon this
> year
> on the weekend of August 7,8,9. Can any one share more information on
> this and tell me where it will be held?
> Jeremy