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Re: Northorn Pike

I have found Northern Pike to be somewhat similar to chain pickerel, 
except for the fact that pickerel like warmer water.  Pike tend to 
hang out in deeper, cooler water during the summer, at the edges of dropoffs, 
weed beds, etc.  Their preference for cooler water is reflected in 
the fact that some of the best fishing for pike is in Canada, which 
is not noted for having balmy water.

Live minnows, crayfish and other suitable sized morsels 
should be OK, however, the size of the food will need to increase 
considerably over time, to the point where you may need to go fishing 
for panfish to feed the pike.  Also, be aware that northern pike are longer
 lived and get much larger than the foot-long grass pickerel often kept in 
aquaria (US record northern pike  is over 40 pounds, expect 20+ years of life in 
a proper environment).

If you plan to keep these fish for an 
extended period, perhaps an inground swimming pool set up as a 
"natural aquarium" might provide appropriate housing.  There was a 
recent article by a Canadian gentleman in Tropical Fish Hobbyist that 
discussed conversion of a swimming pool to a garden pond.  As a side 
benefit,  you probably won't have to worry about what to do with excess 
production of other fishes in your care or any unauthorized use of 
the pool by the neighbors.