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Re: NANFA-- (Fwd) Question -- Sunfish

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997 21:19:58 -0700 Lisa Anderson <lisaa at sincom_com>
>Thank you -very- much for the article.
>We -really- enjoyed it...and it seems 
>that our sunfish is very similar in nature,
>color and hardiness as the longear.  
>However, we are convinced now (after
>looking in numerous field guides) that
>what we have is a pumpkinseed.  We
>are really enjoying it and have placed
>it in a 30 gallon aquarium with some
>sand/gravel substrate, bogwood, some
>rocks and only one tankmate...a 6"
>royal plec...panaque nigrolineatus.  We
>are considering adding another sunfish
>or two.  

have you ever kept sunfish?

Ummmm..Yes I am the author of the articles I send you I often write for
FAMA TFH AFM........I have kept and or bred over a dozen types of sunfish
over the years......Be carefull about adding aditional sunfish to such a
small tank a turf wa would most likley ensue.Try some suckers, darters or
sculpins or madtoms....................

>Anyway...thanks again!