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Fw: Linking with the Aquarium related websites....

> In a message dated 97-07-29 21:18:36 EDT, you write:
> << Hi,
>  I didn't mean my question as a referendum on the NANF@tcwin list....I
>  just wanted people to be aware that the list does not produce much
>  traffic on it's own these days most of it cross posted from
>  NANFA at Aquaria_net ...so the question is do people want to combine lists,
>  keep things as they are, have no cross posting.....Like I said before
>  originator of the list is without email so his valuable input is gone
>  i wondered does someone out there lead thislist now ...If so please tell
>  me what you would like to do !
>   >>
> I am without e-mail right now, but do have an account I can use from time
> time.  I've been silently watching for a while now.  Just lurking. :-) 
> NANF at actwin_com list does get a lot of cross posting.  But it is a
> asset as NANF@actwin has no affiliation with NANFA.  There is nothing
> with NANFA, I am not bashing it or saying there is.  I'm a proud member
> all of a few months. :-) ).  However, not everyone wants to be in a club.
>  Not everyone can/wants to pay dues for it.  And theres always the
> babble associated with any club.  Idealy this list should be free of that
> (ok, it can't work that way.)  So my question to you is this.  If NANF
> NANFA"s list were combined, what would happen to the users of NANF who
> not NANFA members?  And which list would be used?  
> <><
> J. L. Wiegert
> NANF List Lurker. :-)