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tabman <flatwood at bellsouth_net>: Re: Linking with the Aquarium related websites....

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From: tabman <flatwood at bellsouth_net>
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Subject: Re: Linking with the Aquarium related websites....
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 23:50:31 -0400
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>The question is what do you want to do first...Pick something you are
>comfortable with and commit yourself to doing it...Be it forwarding
>messafges or posting to the various web/message groups.............Like
>i say get busy first, figure out the hows second............

my friends are already interested in this "new found" interest. in this
part of the world most of the people i know like to fish and our pond
(about 1 acre) has been drawing all kinds of advice. i've been telling
them about nanfa and that i'm interested in establishing a working
eco-system rather than just throwing some bass, bream and catfish in the
water and waiting. already i've got offers from three to pick me up (i
dont like to drive) and take me to the river. i'm waiting til i get my
copy of petersons book in the mail before striking out. we also plan to
build one, maybe two, outdoor tanks near the well head and two tanks in
the barn inside away from the winter weather.

you can see i'm already involved but a little knowledge is sometimes
dangerous so i'm trying to see the big picture.


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