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Re: Recommended books

I'll upload an application and NANFA's endangered species program to you
and the List we'd love to have you...check out our website awww.nanfa.org

Robert rice
NANFA prez....

On Mon, 28 Jul 1997 16:29:49 EST "Dwight D. Moody"
<dwightm at wasteman_anr.state.vt.us> writes:
>I am an aquarist that is very interested in joining NANFA and 
>maintaining some native species, especially darters.  Does anyone 
>have any recommendations on good reference books that concentrate on 
>habitat and breeding?  Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I am 
>thinking about starting a captive breeding program for native 
>species.  I am currently maintaining and breeding two livebearers 
> are threatened in the wild (Blue Tailed Goodeid and Monterey Platy) 
>and hope to continue expanding my captive breeding program.