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Re: darter..

" The Quality of a life is not measured in days it is measured in legacy

On Fri, 25 Jul 1997 22:14:36 -0400 tabman <tabman at bellsouth_net> writes:
>>"Many  folks  dream of living on a lake. To be able to  fish
>>from your own backyard appeals to many of us. Imagine..."
>thank you sending this out to me. its both informative and 
>AND a starting point and a direction. i'm printing it out to take in 
>gloria, my wife and partner, so she can benefit from a reading too.
>i'll keep the list posted as i go and learn. ever had any luck 

Yep turtels are EZ to catch , depends on wether you want to kill them or
not ...I've found they just seem to return if i don't kill them...I allow
painted turtles and a few smaller ones but take out the snappers and big
softshells.........Their are many traps avaliable commercially, I however
prefer a number 5 hook 20lb test line and some chicken squid or other
suitabl bait ...I usually tie several hooks on a line about 6 inches
apart ....