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Kim Overholt <kimmers at wctc_net>: NANFA-- First collecting adventure!! - long

From: Kim Overholt <kimmers at wctc_net>
To: NANFA <nanfa at aquaria_net>
Subject: NANFA-- First collecting adventure!! - long
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 10:36:01 -0500
Message-ID: <33CE3BE1.500B at wctc_net>

I'm so excited! I collected my first fish!!

Let me back up a bit though. I set my 20 gal. tank up several weeks ago.
I collected some plants, and snails and then made a trip to the local
bait shop. (gg) I picked up a dozen or so small "minnows". I haven't
identified them all but a friend was over last night and said he thought
I had one dace variety, some fatheads, and one sucker. So this has been
running for twelve days now. And we have really enjoyed them!!

So now for my first collecting trip!! A true adventure!! Read on!

Two moms and three kids took a trip to Wolf Lake in Portage county (WI)
to escape the heat! The boys brought along fishing gear as this small
lake has bass, sunfish and pike. My daughter brought her collecting cage
and net. My son caught some nice sunfish and my daughter discovered some
small green sunfish hanging near shore.

Megan took a piece of line, tied a worm to it, and dangled it in their
midst. Mom finally stepped in and mananged to net a 2" after nearly 20
tries. It was really fun!

Then I took my son's pole and crimped the barb on a small jig and used
very small pieces of worm. It was so much fun watching the greenies
swarm the bait. The other Mom attempted to net a fish while I enticed it
but they wouldn't have anything to do with her. At one point I turned to
get another piece of worm and discovered a pidgeon standing knee deep in
the water about a foot away from the critter keeper!! It kept cocking
it's head to look at the fish! I was able to approach it while getting
more worm and it couldn't care less. Then just as mysteriously as it
appeared it was gone!! Really weird!

I managed to catch two more before it was time to go. A system of storms
was fast approaching and we had to pack quickly. Just as we hit the main
road the storm hit with high winds, lightening, thunder and hail! We
shouldn't have stayed so long. A park ranger warned all about the storms
but the view from the lake didn't give any sign of just how fast the
storms were approaching. We had one very scary 45 minute ride home.

The reason I mention this at all is because my daughter tipped the
container and water was leaking out all the way homebut becasue of the
storm no one noticed! The three poor fish were flopping around in the
container by the time we got home!! I had no choice but to dump them in
the tank.

I'm happy to report however that they are doing just fine this morning!
And have even eaten a bit flake food! Now how's that for a first time
collecting adventure??

Kim Overholt

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