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mthennet <mthennet at netrix_com>: NANFA-- Old and Late Breaking News from VA, Spring/Summer 1997 Regional Report

Robert Rice

" All I am saying is give Peas a Chance !"
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Subject: NANFA-- Old and Late Breaking News from VA, Spring/Summer 1997
Regional Report
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 97 17:24:00 edt
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Hello All,

I have noticed that my address and phone numbers are missing from the
web page regional rep listing.  Here they are:

4709 S 29th Street
Arlington, VA 22206
Home:  703 931-0811

Please add it to the Web page whenever possible.  Thank you.

Here is my Spring /Summer Regional Report from Virginia.

Latest Collecting Trips to Sycolin Run, Loudon County, VA :

Other Collectors:  Mark Cook (Tank Doctor), Paul Coppola and Tom Alberti.

1June 1997:  Besides the common species(ie.  Spotfin Shiners, Blacknose 
Dace, Longnose Dace, Greenside Darters, Fantail Darters and Mottled 
Sculpins) collected and mentioned in an email to Bob Bock back in April
Sycolin Run also provided a  6" Bluehead Chub and a 5" Central
 To my dismay positive identification of both was difficult due to the
that both fish were covered with redish purple lesions which called for a

no-handed identification.  Possibly damage from the storm earlier that
 I have not noticed these lesions on any other of the common species from

Sycolin Run.  Also a 2 1/2" Pumpkinseed turned up while seining one of
deeper pools on the Run,  probably an introduced species.  It was
due to the manner in which it was caught.  The guilt would have given me
ulcer had I kept the fish.

13 July 1997:  On this particular trip,  a multitude of Juveniles, of the

common species listed above, were collected and returned except for a  1"

Mottled Sculpin.  It seems that the Sycolin Run is healthy and almost 
overflowing with life after the Spring spawning.   I hope it continues.

In the past I have had trouble feeding larger sculpins but this little 
trooper relishes frozen bloodworms and frozen brine shrimp as long as the

food items are moving.  As the Sculpin grows, I will attempt to feed 
earthworms and feeder Guppies.  The water temperature is currently 68 
degrees. Luckily I live in a basement apartment.

First and Latest Collecting Trip to Lake Barcroft. Fall Church, VA:

Other Collectors:  Mark Cook

29 June 1997:  This trip basically started as a fishing adventure which 
turned into a collecting trip once I hooked into a 21/2" Largemouth Bass 
with a 3" Mepps Minnow Spinner w/ a single treble hook.  I couldn't 
it,  but I returned the bass and turned to the barbless hook, bobber and 
earthworm method.  This method was extremely productive for Bluegill and 

At the time, the only tank I  had space in was a 10 gallon tank so I kept

the smallest most colorful bluegill and  2 gallons of lake water. 
to say the Bluegill did not do too well overnight and I found it on it's 
side the next day missing alot of his slime coat.  The tank had been 
previously cycled with feeder and filter material from an established
 I feel that the lack of lake water and the handling of the fish during
removal may have played a role.

I will have to improve my notifications for collecting trips in the

16 July 1997:  On a bad note,  a local sewer pipe in Northern Fairfax 
County, VA ruptured and spill raw sewage into Scotts Run.  Apparently
is no way to determine how much sewage spilled into the Run.   The Runs' 
water is being tested today and the pipe is being repaired.

So Long from Virginia
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