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bgcajun at juno_com (B G Granier): NANFA-- Houston Kilifish Show

Robert Rice

" All I am saying is give Peas a Chance !"
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Subject: NANFA-- Houston Kilifish Show
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Hi Y'all !

The Texas Area Killifish Organization's (TAKO) show was a success from
all indications that I had ! There were native North American killifishes
displayed and also African, South American and European species that made
a great display for all conventioneers to see ! There are killifishes
from all continents that will amaze even the hard- core cichlid or
marine-fish fanciers, in that these fish are so brightly colored and/or
interesting that even the most jaded aquarists can become addicted to
these killifishes charms ! Some of the African species equal the
brilliance of marine species  and can be kept in a 2 1/2 gallon tank of
freshwater. Furthermore, the only obstacle that is encountered to keep
them from breeding is a divider in the tank! Otherwise, just put a fully
conditioned female into the tank with a male, give them the proper egg
receptacle; such as a butter-dish of peatmoss or a nylon mop and then
watch the action develop ! And then,  the eggs are given the proper
develoment time to incubate prior to hatching! After a couple of weeks or
more, depending upon the species,
then you may have a whole new generation of these interesting fish to
raise and propogate again!

If anyone of our members is interested, please see the www.aka.org site
and join the American Killifish Association.

B.G. Granier


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