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Re: Howdy!

> >How goes it?  I like the NANFA web page.  You've done a great job!
> Thanks...I'll look intothe BG thing the credit for the website goes to
> Jay Dellong and company....TTYL :)

i agree. strong on content which is where many sites fall down. its a
lot of work putting that much info into html and very time consuming.
this is all within the original spirit of the internet.

on another note, can anyone recommend a good guidebook that would cover
native species in the central tennessee area. i talked to a fishing
buddy last night about what i was up to and now he wants to go help me
net around in the cumberland river up in the cordell hull dam area where
he lives. i am green at id'ing especially the small species. tennessee
regulations allow you to net, trap, seine ... non-game fish so the
possibilities exist. my friend was even talking about rigging an
aereated tank in the back of his pickup after i told him they'd be
floating in a short time without oxygen. its definately an interesting
study ecology speaking. we've learned to 'read" the lichen in the woods
and the wind. without good water we perish...