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gsneegas at juno_com (Garold W. Sneegas): Re: NANFA-- edible non-game fish

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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 05:54:06 EDT
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>I have caught darters with micro fly hooks baited with worm bits, but 
>never on artificials.  What a challenge!

Half the challenge would be attempting to tie a micro nymph! 

I have also been wondering what type of survival rate you could expect
from hooking a darter. It may not be as traumatic to the darter as you
might first think. Depending on where the darter was hooked, how big it
was, use of a barbless hook, how fast it could be transferred, etc., it
may be less detrimental to the darter than being tossed around in a net
half full of gravel from kicking up a riffle.

Obviously this is all speculation with a number of variables involved, it
may however be something worth looking into as an alternative collecting
method, at least for large hardy species such as Logperch.  

>My stepfather ate carp in fish chowders quite regularly while growing 
>up in Fitchburg, MA.  He said it was pretty tasty.  I've never eaten 
>carp, but I'm sure that they can't be as bad as the press they get.

I will have to confess, I have eaten pickled carp. It actually was not
too bad however I could definately tell it was not Walleye or Trout.

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