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Distribution Of Heterandria Formosa

I live in Mobile, AL and will soon be a new member of NANFA (just sent
my membership form in!)

I am interested in studying and breeding Heterandria Formosa in an aquarium,
and releasing excess fish back to their habitat. Currently, NANFA member
Tim Wolfe is working on procuring some fish for me.

Anyway, it is curious to me that this species (H. formosa), listed type
Mobile, Alabama (Agassiz, 1855) is now seemingly rare here. In the book
''Fishes Of Alabama And The Mobile Basin" just published in 1996 by Mettee et
he lists only 7 station locations in extreme southern Alabama from 1985 to
From "Atlas Of North American Fishes" published in 1980, the distribution map
shows a "near break" in habitat from the Apalachicola River in Florida,
until Louisiana.

It almost appears like there is now an isolated population now in southeast

I am very interested in what some of you think of this modern distribution
Is it real or does it represent just a lack of sampling?

Rob Erhardt ("Inquisitive In Alabama")