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vbrach at juno_com (Vince Brach): Re: NANFA-- edible non-game fish

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Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 14:08:25 EDT
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I have caught darters with micro fly hooks baited with worm bits, but
never on artificials.  What a challenge!

My stepfather ate carp in fish chowders quite regularly while growing up
in Fitchburg, MA.  He said it was pretty tasty.  I've never eaten carp,
but I'm sure that they can't be as bad as the press they get.

One EXCELLENT nongame eating fish no one knows about (this will also
appear in an upcoming "Dipnetter" article of mine) is the bigmouth
sleeper, Gobiomorus dormitor.  I used to catch 20" specimens on bass
plugs from the brackish canals in Miami when I lived there in the '70's. 
My wife and I think that sleepers are FINE eating.  ~Vince~
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