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Re: Rainbow Dace?

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997 23:39:58 -0500 "Steve Gates"
<swgates at worldnet_att.net> writes:
>My local PetSmart has had a tankfull of hardy, relatively plain 
>minnows for
>more than a month.  They are offered for sale as "Rainbow Dace."  I'm 
>familiar with the species.  Does it really exist or is this just 
>case of creative nomenclature?  

Probably Petersons Feild guide does not list the "rainbow Dace" as a

>>From the shape of the fish, I could believe that it's a dace.  But 
>almost complete lack of color makes describing it difficult.  There is 
>hint of a bluish band similar to the band on a Southern Redbelly.  
>than that, its color can only be described as slightly silverish.

Could it be the dreaded Fathead Minnow ?

>Please advise if you're familiar with this fish.  If it really is a 
>I'd like to see what cooler, faster water could do to its coloration.