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Re: bgcajun at juno_com (B G Granier): Want ads

On Tue, 08 Jul 1997 23:24:16 -0500 tabman <tabman at bellsouth_net> writes:
>the central tennessee area (we're rural just east of nashville). we're
>currently restoring the pond on our old farm, its been a five year
>project and we just started putting water in it on june 1. we traded 
>hiway department a pond job for the clay over the past two years and
>started pumping water from 150' below on july 4.

Sounds exciting what do you have planned as far as species go ?

>anyway, my goal isnt to clog the list with unwanted chatter. just 
>to say hello. i just started putting some photos (only 1 so far) of 

Helllo and your chatter is welcome .......Hope you join NANFA !

>pond on the web so take a look in a few weeks too (when the next roll 
>film comes back from walmart). my main interest is bluegill.
>best wishes,

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