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Re: bgcajun at juno_com (B G Granier): Want ads


i'm new to nanf but not new to collecting native fishes. i was really
glad to run across this on the internet and hope to meet some members in
the central tennessee area (we're rural just east of nashville). we're
currently restoring the pond on our old farm, its been a five year
project and we just started putting water in it on june 1. we traded the
hiway department a pond job for the clay over the past two years and
started pumping water from 150' below on july 4.

anyway, my goal isnt to clog the list with unwanted chatter. just wanted
to say hello. i just started putting some photos (only 1 so far) of the
pond on the web so take a look in a few weeks too (when the next roll of
film comes back from walmart). my main interest is bluegill.

best wishes,


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