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Yesterday I was put in charge of my two nephews, ages 12 and 10, for the
whole day. I decided the best way to keep them entertained for the whole
day was, of course, to take them fishing and collecting.

The main species we collected where Southern Redbelly Dace, Common
Shiners, Orangethroat Darters, Creek Chubs and a number of crayfish. We
only kept a few dace, Common Shiners and crayfish for the aquarium.

While my nephews were busy chasing fish and other critters with a dip
net, I slipped up stream a little ways to try my luck with a fly rod and
a few nymphs I had recently tied. I was very successful catching Common
Shiners (including a male in high color with tubercles) and Creek Chubs.
The water was clear and I could tell by the way Southern Redbelly Dace
were attacking the fly, if I had a smaller hook it would have been
possible to catch them also. I was using a #8, I would guess a #14 may be
small enough, a #28 for sure. 

The clarity of the water seems to be a major factor in how successful I
will be fly fishing, at least in the Kansas streams I have fished.

I have also found that fly fishing with a barbless hook, in streams with
holes too deep to seine, can also an effective means of collecting
Longear and Orangespotted Sunfish. 

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