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mbinkley at earthling_net (Mark Binkley): Re: NANFA-- room temp fish

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Subject: Re: NANFA-- room temp fish
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 15:29:16 -0600
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>Also, seems the list needs a jumpstart this week.  OK, what species
>have you guys been able to successfully keep at room temperature (say
>75F) for an extended time period?  Please no Centrarchids, that's
>too easy.
>archimedes at localink4_com
>NA Freshwater Fishes Resource Site:  www.localink4.com/~archimedes/

I have kept/am keeping the following at room temp:

Brown bullhead
Channel catfish
Yellow bullhead
Noturus gyrinus
E. caeruleum
Lake Chubsucker
Golden shiner
Saffron darter
Redline darter
Greenside darter
other shiners
Fundulus dispar
F. olivaceus
F. chrysotus
F. catenatus
Heterandria formosa
Lucania goodei
Southern Redbelly Dace
Sailfin Molly
Jordanella floridinae
Etheostoma exile
Ubra limi
Cottus carolinae

I think most species will do OK if warmed up gradually.  Breeding is
another matter.  F. dispar will breed without special treatment.  E.
caeruleum spawned for me between 68 and 72 F.

Mark Binkley
Columbus, Ohio, USA
mbinkley at earthling_net


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