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Re: NANFA-- Post to newsgroup?


The list has been dead of late for a variety of reasons most of them
temporary....For  instance the switch to automation has left some folks
in the lurch and they just have not set it up yet, previously the list
had several intense months with high spirited volumn wich burned a few
people out, and it is summer people tend to do the outdoor thing more so
hang in there it will come back...I'd reccomend an email invitation to
everyone we know to let em know about the automation and the other
activities the list is considering that would bring a few back I am sure

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997 10:12:42 -0600 mbinkley at earthling_net (Mark Binkley)
>>I have reservations about posting to newsgroups, not because I want
>>to see the club miss out on any exposure, but because newsgroups
>>are havens for spammers (people who post unsolicited commercial 
>>They often "harvest" (seine?) email addresses from postings, so all 
>of our
>>email addresses (and what's worse, the list address) are potential
>>In related news, I've almost finished setting up a nanfa-digest list
>>which will automatically produce a collection of postings and send
>>them out as one email, for those who don't want email clutter.
>>What's more, the *old digests will be archived on the web* for future
>>What I think might be a good idea is post the subject lines (topics)
>>from each digest to a newsgroup, and point them at the web archive.
>>Hoping to have the digest running this weekend,
>>Frank/cis O'Carroll
>>List maintainer
>That's great news about the digest and archive.  I'm glad you took the
>initiative and got it done.  Hopefully, the latest improvements will 
>the list appealing to more people.  It's been pretty dead.  Perhaps an
>article should go into the Darter to entice new and former subscribers 
>join and enjoy your efforts.  I would be willing to write something up 
>noone else wants to.  (Please, someone, give me feedback on this.)
>I would not object to posting the list to newsgroup(s).  I don't think
>there's enough activity for it to have much impact- positive or 
>A reference to the web page with subject headings is a good idea too.  
>do others think?  (Does anyone read this???)
>Thanks to Mr O'Carroll!
>Mark Binkley
>Columbus, Ohio, USA
>mbinkley at earthling_net
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