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Re: NANFA-- New pumpkinseed set-up Q's and native frogs

On Thu, 26 Jun 1997 19:41:58 -0700 "Sam Beavin" <sbeavin at serv_net>
>Regarding filtration--  Last weekend. to paraphrase, I went to the
>mountain.  Got to spend 2 days at Marineland / Aquaria, Inc. ; The
>Bio-wheel people.   Must admit that I am one of the west coast 
>ambassadors so you may feel that I have a bias toward their/our 
>and rightly so.  The tanks in all the offices are the nicest tanks 
>ever seen.  

Well bias is not nessecarilly bad as long as it is logicaland
forthright..........For instance I am biased against  murderers and
rapist :)

When the powers that be were asked about the maintenance
>schedule and so on we were given the following information.  Since ALL
>tanks on sight are part of continuing research the schedule is as 
>Every three weeks there is a 1/3 water change and the filtering 
>material is
>changed.  Of course the water is the same type as is in the tank (salt 
>salt;  Amazon type for Amazon; alkaline for the cichlids and so on).  

>Biowheels are the secret here.  They work well, have no maintenance 
>keep the ammonia and nitrites in line.  The bio load in these tanks is 
>high--even the saltwater tanks and they all look terrific.  

What are the logistics of why it works ? Many of our members are much
better Bilogist\naturalist than aquarist give us some details ! For
instance what can the average consumer expect to spend to keep tanks up
to these standards ? Give us details on the who's whats and wheres of the
product ! What kind of results can we expect ?

If you 
>have any
>questions e-mail and I will send all the information I can .  Will 
>scan and
>OCR company brochures and send as attachments. How about some door
prizes for the upcoming NANFA national meeting :)

AN excellent topic for the list .....BTW welcome to NANFA how did you
hear about us ?

Robert Rice 
NANFA victim and Pres

I'm also a new member of 

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