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vbrach at juno_com (Vince Brach): Re: NANFA-- New pumpkinseed set-up Q's and native frogs

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Kim: For "inoculating" a new tank, I find that one eyedropperful of
bottom sediment from an existing tank is better than using pond sediment,
since there is less likelihood of parasites, etc.  I just squirt mine
into the gravel, add a hardy fish or two and let it run in subdued light
until clear (about a week).  It's then ready for almost anything.

Frogs do well in divided tanks.  Make one by cementing a 3" glass
partition halfway across.  The aquatic side can be run just like a
regular (shallow) aquarium with a subsand filter, short lifter, and
bottom gravel.  The other side can be planted with ferns, arums, etc., as
a pondside terrarium, although frogs are hard on plants--you may want to
use plastic.  Make sure the frogs can hide or they will dash their brains
out trying to escape when you startle them.  Feed them earthworms and
crickets, and don't crowd.  Remember that pickerel frogs will kill any
other species in their tank (poisonous skin).  ~Vince
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