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Kim Overholt <kimmers at wctc_net>: NANFA-- New pumpkinseed set-up Q's and native frogs

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Subject: NANFA-- New pumpkinseed set-up Q's and native frogs
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 08:56:44 -0500
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Good morning all!

I'm getting ready to set up my first native tank in years. (IOW not
since I was a kid and I knew nothing then but managed to keep some
bluegills alive for a _long_ time! gg) I found this list yesterday
searching the net for info. I had no idea this type of org existed but I
thrilled to have found it!

I have a 20 gal tank with a Whisper wet/dry 3000. Gravel (store bought)
on the bottom and a few rocks and freshwater clam shells my 8 year old
daughter tossed in. It's been running for 24 hours now.

I live in central WI (Wisconsin Rapids) and will be heading to the lake
in the next few days to do some collecting. I have in mind pumkinseeds
as I saw some 2.5 inchers recently.

Now my questions. (You knew there had to be some, right?) What can I do
to begin the cycle before I get the fish? Would starting with a small
amount of sand from the lake, duckweed and some snails do it? How long
should I wait before bringing home the fish?

And while I have your attention.... this entire project started out as a
search for info on setting up a tank for a native frog (mink, leopard or
green) and/or tadpoles. My daughter _really_ (puh-leese mommy) wants to
do this. I told her not until we learn what they need. I have in mind a
10 gal tank with 50/50 land to water (min 6" deep) I want to make this
as natural looking as possible. What kind of filter would be best for
this set-up? Anything else I should take into consideration.

Kim Overholt
Wisonsin Rapids, WI
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