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Steve Haslouer <stevehas at cjnetworks_com>: Re: NANFA-- Re: Kansas collecting trip

At 10:30 PM 6/17/97 EDT, Garold W. Sneegas wrote:
>On June 21st we are going on a collecting trip within a 1or 2 hour drive
>from Topeka and Lawrence KS. One of the possible sites is a creek where
>Gilbert  collected and described the Topeka shiner in the early 1880's.
>After over 100 years of urban growth and channelization the habitat is
>longer suitable for the Topeka shiner but we thought it may be
>interesting to see what has adapted to present stream conditions.
>Several other streams are also under consideration. 
I visited several of the candidate sites after work today.  A few words
advice:  come prepared for Mosqitoes !

They are quite thick at one of the riffles on Dragoon Creek.

Steve Haslouer
Topeka, Kansas
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