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gsneegas at juno_com (Garold W. Sneegas): NANFA-- Re: Kansas collecting trip

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Subject: NANFA-- Re: Kansas collecting trip
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 22:30:28 EDT
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On June 21st we are going on a collecting trip within a 1or 2 hour drive
from Topeka and Lawrence KS. One of the possible sites is a creek where
Gilbert  collected and described the Topeka shiner in the early 1880's.
After over 100 years of urban growth and channelization the habitat is no
longer suitable for the Topeka shiner but we thought it may be
interesting to see what has adapted to present stream conditions.

Several other streams are also under consideration. 

If any NANFA member wants to join in drop me a line for more information.

Garold W. Sneegas  <*)))><
gsneegas at juno_com
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