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Re: native catfishes

 Michael Meyer writes:
>I'm contacting both the native and catfish groups for info on native 
>catfish.  In particular madtom cats.  Does anyone have any experience 
>in keeping and especially spawning these cats.

I have kept a Slender madtom *Noturus exilis* in an aquarium with Longear
sunfish for about two years now. The Kansas record for this species is
about 41/2". The one I have in my aquarium is now over 6" long. I did
not measure it before I placed it the aquarium but I do not believe it
was over 4" at the time. Most of what I have read about them is that
they do not live over three years in the wild. I suspect that they may
live longer in captivity hence the reason for the size of the one I now

A graduate student at Emporia State University has recently been
successful in spawning Neosho madtoms *Noturus placidus* in captivity
and has actually video taped "hatching fry". I do not have any other
information with me at the moment.