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FOR THE LIST PLEASE PASS IT ON....................................
PURPOSES: The North American Native Fishes Association--ANFA--was founded
to bring together people interested inishes native to this continent for
scientific purposes orquarium study; to encourage increased
scientific,onservation, and aquaristic appreciation of native
fisheshrough observation, study, and research; and to assemblend distribute information on native fishes.
*AMERICAN CURRENTS, a quarterly magazine featuringrticles on finding,
collecting, keeping, observing,onserving, and breeding North American
fishes; and newsbout aquaristics, laws, the environment,
scientificiterature and developments, and other sources ofnformation.
*DARTER, a bi-monthly newsletter with fast-breaking newsbout NANFAand
Native Fish.
*TRADING POST, a section of AMERICAN CURRENTS or DARTER fordvertising
fish (offered or wanted), fish eggs, plants,ublications--anything
related to native fish andishkeeping.
*REGIONAL NANFA CHAPTERS, Join others in your areaollectingdiscussing,
and trading Natives. This is your local NANFA fish club so join and
enjoy. NANFA'S INFORMATION RESOURCES, including access to indexes of
native-fish information.  For example, NANFA has published the only
readily available, computerized, regularly updated list of North
American fish species listed by federal, state, and provincial
governments as endangered, threatened, or specialstatus; and a directory
of native-fish articles that appeared in aquarium publications 1946-1981.
 NANFA's web site at www.nanfa.org,nd their email list
                                                      RREMBERSHIP COSTS: USA, CANADA, MEXICO, $15/yr. (US$); ALLTHER COUNTRIES, $17/yr. (US$).
TO: Konrad Schmidt, 1663 Iowa Avenue East, St. Paul , Minnesota 55106
Please begin my NANFA membership.  Enclosed is a check oroney order made
out to NANFA in the amount of___________(US$).  This covers_______years at $________aear (US$).
on-U.S. Members, please send postal money order in.S. funds. Thanks.
ng access to indexes of native-fish information.  For examp