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Geographic Tank Meeting

Tonite at 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 Pacific, there will be a meeting in the
Aquaria Study Group ( 8000) on Geographic Aquarias.  Again,
this  a follow up to the previously held Biotype Aquaria meeting, but as
the topics are rather dissimilar, you should be able to keep pace either
way.  To connect to the Aquaria Study Group, you need a telnet
application.  For the adress type in  In the port field,
enter 8000.  If you do not have a port field, enter the adrss as  Also, some web browsers allow you to connect.  Enter
in telnet:// as the adress.  One of the areas to be 
delt with will be North America.  I hoep to see some of you there... 
Server Demons or no server demons, I'll be there! :-)
J. L. Wiegert