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Joseph T Leonard <jtl3419 at unix_tamu.edu>: Texas Natives

heres one for the list to work on...forward replies to both the list and
Mr. Leonard............

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From: Joseph T Leonard <jtl3419 at unix_tamu.edu>
To: robertrice at juno_com
Subject: Texas Natives
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 01:26:31 -0500 (CDT)
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Mr. Rice:

	I was wondering if you have had any experience collecting native 
fishes in the central and eastern areas of Texas (specifically, Brazos 
county) or in deep South Texas (the Rio Grande Valley).
	Also, I was wondering what experiences you've had with the 
sheepshead minnow (I'd like to compare it to mine), as well as what books

you might recommend for identification of fish from the above areas 
(considering most native fish are not exotic enough for the mainstream 

					Thank you,

					Joseph T Leonard
					Texas A&M University
					Fightin' Texas Aggie
					Class of '99

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