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"DOUGLAS M. WARD" <WARDDOUG at mailserv1_ferris.edu>: Re: Killifish

please forward to the email list..........

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From: "DOUGLAS M. WARD" <WARDDOUG at mailserv1_ferris.edu>
To: robertrice at juno_com (robert a rice)
Subject: Re: Killifish
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 15:09:29 EST
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HI Rob,
    I am located about in the middle of the lower peninsula of 
Michigan. I go to a college their called Ferris State University. I 
can't find any killies at pet stores and we don't have any fish clubs 
around here or at home in southern michigan. I live in the dorm and I 
really love keeping fish, but like I said I have oscars and because 
of their size and tank requirements I can't keep them in my dorm 
room. I read the e-mail about how hardy the killies are. They would 
be perfect for all the moving I have to do in college. I would like to 
keep a ten gallon with some colorful Killies. I like the description 
of the Blue Killies? How big do they get? Well I'll talk to you later.


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