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Bill.White at 110_sunshine.com (Bill White): NANFE and you

Please forward all grop messages to Bill White at the attached
address....the messages will be forwarded to the NANFE echo on the fido

--------- Begin forwarded message ----------
From: Bill.White at 110_sunshine.com (Bill White)
To: robertrice at juno_com
Subject: NANFE and you
Date: 10 Apr 97 13:07:00 -0400
Message-ID: <d80_9704112200 at sunshine_com>

     Crossposted to ALL in NANFE

     I hope you are able to resolve your problem with
Procomm Plus soon and get back on the NANFE echo.

     For now, at least, I will be glad to crosspost
messages between you on InterNet and the other users of
NANFE.  If you will, please, send messages you wish to
go into NANFE to bill.white at 110_sunshine.com and I will
forward them to NANFE.  IF you wish them addressed to a
certain person in NANFE, please put their name in
brackets following my address, such as:
bill.white at 110_sunshine.com [John Doe]
and I will forward to that person.

     Meanwhile, NANFE users, please send your messages
just as usual.  Any addressed to Robert Rice will be
forwarded to him.  (Or, Robert, would you like all
messages forwarded?  It's up to you.)


  FIDO: Bill White @ 1:135/110 (Miami)
 InterNet: bill.white at 110_sunshine.com
|Fidonet:  Bill White 1:135/110
|Internet: Bill.White at 110_sunshine.com
| Standard disclaimer: The views of this user are strictly his/her own.

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