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Re: NANFA membershi[p directory

Hey, Robert.  Mike Whitfield here.  (Yes, I finally got around to sending in
my membership!)  Sent $20 and got a couple of back issues - great!  I'd like
a membership directory.  Oh, all I've collected so far are three snubnose
darters.  If work lets up and the flooding stops, hopefully I can get some
more and some warpaint shiners.  I haven't forgotten, just haven't had much
time.  (Of course, you may get up here before I get a good batch together.)
 Also, I've spoken with Rob Kriswell.  He wants some splendid, bandfin, and
some other kind (I forget, but I've got it logged.)  Are you interested in
any of these?
    Also, I'm on AOL a lot, and they've asked me to take Pethost classes.
 Assuming I don't flunk out, I'll keep plugging NANFA.  (Haven't gotten
around to renewing at the Tennessee Aquarium yet, so I haven't worked on a
contact there, but I will.)  And finally, I spoke with a TVA fish biologist
and requested a copy of his fish surveys for the Tennessee River feeder
creeks.  Haven't gotten them yet, but he said he was also interested in NANFA
- he'd never heard of it.  When I get his package, I'll forward some stuff to
him, too.

Best regards and sorry I haven't called,

Mike Whitfield