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Thurs night at 21:00 Est, 18:00 Pacific there will be a chat in the 
Aquaria Study Group on Fishes Out of Doors.  This chat will cover the 
basic goldfish/koi approach as well as NATIVE fish approaches, tropical 
fish approaches, and a few others.  All feel welcome to visit.  The 
Aquaria Study Groups telnet adress is port 8000.  If you do 
not know how to access this adress please e-mail ME here ... 
J. L. Wiegert
NANF List Manager
Wiz - Aquaria Study Group
Come Visit Us, Telnet: Port 8000
While there, visit the other G-Rated Ports:
8015: Stadium; 8020: Caverns, 8025: Chateau and the NEW 8030: Country Roads.