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"Hal Schmidt" <Harold.J.Schmidt-1 at tc_umn.edu>: RE: dthieme at juno_com (Dan C Thieme): Sturgeon

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From: "Hal Schmidt" <Harold.J.Schmidt-1 at tc_umn.edu>
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Subject: RE: dthieme at juno_com (Dan C Thieme): Sturgeon
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 13:19:04 
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I really think Dan saw white sturgeon in the Wal-mart aquariums. They
been cultured for years as a new source of caviar and also been in the
trade almost as long. Because these are not wild populations, most state 
and federal agencies regard them as ornamentals like tropical fish. 

I am also aware lake and shovelnose sturgeon are cultured for the pet
and a lesser degree of European sturgeon (goldspotted and stellate). 
However, most of these end up in the Far East pet markets.

I hope this helps.


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