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dthieme at juno_com (Dan C Thieme): Sturgeon

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Subject: Sturgeon
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 00:21:39 EDT
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I am a relatively new member of nanfa, but I have always been interested
in fish.  Anyway, If you know anything about sturgeon, maybe you or
someone you know can answer my questions.  I live in Idaho, 8 mile west
of Boise, and last week I was at a Walmart store in Idaho Falls (about 4
hours away from home)  and I saw in one of their tanks, some small
sturgeon, about 4'' long for sale for $11.00.  I thought sturgeon were
doing poorly in most areas of the US, as here in Idaho.  We have native
white sturgeon in the Snake river which are on the endangered species
list.  The people at Walmart couldn't tell me anything about the
sturgeon that they had.  I called the Fish and Game dept. and talked to
someone who didn't seem at all interested in my questions, and knew less
about fish than I do.  I went back to the store to buy one or two of
these fish to take home with me, but they had all been sold!  What do
you think?  I have been in many places that sell tropical fish and had
never seen a sturgeon for sale.  Are there other types of sturgeon which
are bred and kept in tanks?  I would hate to think these are white
sturgeon, but I would guess that this sort of thing is regulated by some
government body which wouldn't allow that to happen. In any case, I would
be interested to know if you have any insight on this.  Thanks.  Dan

PS  Is there a listing of NANFA members with E-mail addresses?
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