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Re: More on Eels

I just had to add to this thread also. I kept an eel that I caught locally
for about a year before releasing him back to the stream from which I got
him. (a fresh water stream off the brackish Crane Creek, off the Indian
River in Brevard County FL.). I can reiterate the eels are strong comment.
After mine escaped the first time, I wrestled him back in the tank (using a
paper towel as a grip, and I mean wrestle) and hurriedly place a
convienantly available standard office stapler on the cover, thinking that
should do it until I get home from work. Well, it wasn't. I ended up taping
the cover in place. I did enjoy keeping him, the fish was very interesting
to watch hunt prey. They are very aggressive, both in and out of the tank.
Mine got to be about 12" before I released him. If I keep one again I would,
as Christian recomended, keep smaller ones.

Robert J. Nawrocki